Юридическая компания МИРАНДА legal company


Legal company "Miranda" offers legal services for representation in court of any jurisdiction.

Lawyer of the Legal company "Miranda" carry out representation in civil cases as natural and legal persons.

In the staff of the Legal company "Miranda" in addition to lawyers, attorneys who specialize in civil law in general is:

lawyer (attorney) to family disputes;

lawyer (attorney) for labor disputes;

lawyer (attorney) in land disputes;

lawyer (attorney) probate disputes;

lawyer (attorney) for housing disputes.

Civil law governed moral and economic relations (civil relations), based on legal equality, free will, property independence of their members.

The proprietary relationships based on administrative or other authorities subordination of one party the other party, as well as tax, fiscal relations civil law does not apply, unless otherwise provided by law.

Legal representation in civil cases are, as a rule, the following steps:

1. drafting the statement of claim (a claim petition);

2. compilation of reviews of the statement of claim (statement of defense);

3. preparation of the appeal (appeal);

4. preparation of the appeal (appeal);

5. representation in the district court, the representation in the municipal court;

6. representation in the regional court (Court of Appeal);

7. representation in the Supreme Court of Ukraine (Court of Cassation).

Lawyers, lawyers law firm "Miranda" have a lot of experience in providing legal services to represent the interests in the courts.

Some of the extended ones litigation which provides legal services for representation in the courts is:

1. divorce and division of joint property of the spouses;

2. pecuniary damage (damage);

3. non-pecuniary damage;

4. debt collection;

5. reinstatement;

6. recovery of wages;

7. land disputes;

8. inheritance disputes (the elimination of the inheritance, the recognition of the facts of legal significance, ...)

9. housing disputes.

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