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          Protection in court - the type of advocacy, which is to ensure the protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the suspect, accused, defendant, convicted, acquitted, a person for whom the use of compulsory measures of a medical or educational nature is foreseen, or the issue of their application in criminal proceedings is decided , the person in respect of which the issue of extradition to the foreign state (extradition) is considered, as well as the person who is attracted to administrative liability during the prosecution administrative offense.


A lawyer protects in criminal proceedings (criminal lawyer) or protection in criminal proceedings. Protection of criminal proceedings involves protection of a person from criminal prosecution. A criminal lawyer carries out protection in pre-trial investigation bodies (police, SBU, etc.), as well as protection in court during criminal proceedings.



            The extradition lawyer protects those who are detained on the territory of Ukraine and are subject to extradition arrest. The extradition lawyer protects the Client's interests in court when considering the issue of extradition arrest, as well as the issue of the Client's issue to the requesting State.


  An attorney for administrative cases protects persons in respect of which the state authorities have drawn up the relevant documents for an administrative offense. The lawyer on administrative disputes protects in court on the lawfulness of drawing up protocols on an administrative offense, appeals against the court's decision.


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