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The fee is a form of remuneration of a lawyer for the protection, representation and other types of legal assistance to the client.

The procedure for calculating the fee (fixed amount, hourly payment), the grounds for changing the size of the fee, the procedure for paying it, the conditions for return, etc., are specified in the contract on the provision of legal aid.

When determining the amount of fees, account is taken of the complexity of the case, the qualifications and experience of the lawyer, the financial condition of the client and other essential circumstances. The fee must be reasonable and take into account the time spent by the lawyer.


           A contract for the provision of legal assistance is an arrangement whereby one party (lawyer, law office, lawyer association) undertakes to protect, represent, or provide other types of legal assistance to the other party (client) on the terms and in the manner prescribed by the contract , and the client is obligated to pay the legal aid and the actual expenses necessary for the performance of the contract.

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