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Types of advocacy are:

1) the provision of legal information, advice and explanations on legal issues, legal support of the activities of legal and natural persons, bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, the state;

2) submission of applications, complaints, procedural and other documents of a legal nature;

3) protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of a suspect, accused, defendant, convicted, acquitted, a person in respect of which the use of compulsory measures of a medical or educational nature is foreseen, or the issue of their application in criminal proceedings is being decided, the person concerning whom the issue of extradition of a foreign the state (extradition), as well as a person who is being brought to administrative liability during the consideration of a case concerning an administrative offense;

4) the provision of legal assistance to a witness in a criminal proceeding;

5) Representation of the victim's interests during the consideration of the case on administrative violations, rights and obligations of the victim, civil plaintiff, civil defendant in criminal proceedings;

6) representing the interests of individuals and legal entities in the courts during the civil, economic, administrative and constitutional court proceedings, as well as in other state bodies, to individuals and legal entities;

7) Representation of interests of natural and legal persons, state, bodies of state authority, bodies of local self-government in foreign, international judicial bodies, unless otherwise established by the legislation of foreign states, statutory documents of international judicial bodies and other international organizations or international agreements, the gravity of which is provided by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;

8) providing legal assistance in the execution and serving of criminal penalties.

A lawyer may exercise other types of lawyer activities that are not prohibited by law.

                 Law firm lawyers have some specialization in the field of law.

           In particular: the business lawyer is engaged in servicing, as a rule, legal persons and carries out, in particular, the analysis of economic contracts, consultations on economic law, drawing up of economic agreements and agreements, representation of the Client's interests in the economic court or the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ukraine; A civil lawyer carries out consultations, as a rule, individuals in the application of civil law, makes lawsuits, carries out representation in local courts; a criminal lawyer conducts a hearing on criminal law of Ukraine, provides protection in court, draws up procedural documents; Attorney for customs disputes carries out consultations on customs legislation of Ukraine, represents the interests of the Client in an administrative court, appeals against decisions of the tax authorities; tax lawyer advises on tax legislation of Ukraine, represents the Client's interests in an administrative court, appeals against decisions of the customs authorities.


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