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Our law firm, "Miranda," provides a full range of legal services by professional lawyers and attorneys - the law firm of specialists.

Legal services provided by our law firm cover virtually all legal issues arising in the everyday activities of ordinary citizens as well as businesses, organizations and institutions.

A lawyer (advocates) of Law Firm "Miranda" provides a full range of legal services in the area of ​​criminal law, administrative law, procedural rights. Applying for legal assistance to our advocates you will receive professional legal advice on the legal question which you are interested in.

A lawyer (advocates) of Law Firm "Miranda" provides a full range of legal services (legal services) in the area of civil law, commercial law, land law, family law, drafting of legal documents. Applying for legal aid of our lawyers you will receive professional legal assistance on issues in the area of law that interest you.

Specialists of the law firm "Miranda" - lawyers, advocates - have a high legal qualification of branches of the Ukraine law. Each of the lawyers (advocates) specializes in certain fields of law, and as a result our own experts are exhaustively informed about the legal aspects of legal services in the context of this in-depth study of the legal issue on which this counsel (advocates) specializes.

Legal advice (oral counseling, written counseling), drafting of legal documents, representation in court - are basic, usually the principal, direction of advocates (lawyers) and the law firm as a whole, but apart from these legal services are present in virtually all legal companies related to legal services, including assistance in obtaining documents, licenses or permits, preparing documents for registration of the LLC (limited liability company), charity, community organization, preparing documents for the liquidation of business entities, a comprehensive legal service, services, family lawyer, etc.

Legal advice (oral counseling, written counseling) are provided to citizens and legal persons in the event they have legal questions about the legal right of action in certain situations.

Legal services for drafting legal documents including, but not exhaustive, the following:

1. Preparation of statement of claim (making claim)

2. Preparation of the appeal (preparation of Appeal)

3. Preparation of the appeal (cassation compilation)

4. Drafting complaints, drafting statements.

5. Compilation and analysis of contracts (drafting and reviewing contracts)

Legal service - representation in court (defense in court) is the participation of a lawyer (attorney) in the trials, which are initiated by the client as well as his opponents.

Legal services include representation in court:

1. Representation in the local court (of the district court)

2. Representation in administrative court

3. Representation in the Commercial Court

4. Representation in Court of Appeal

Representation in court by our law firm (lawyers, advocates) by the following categories of legal disputes (the list is not exhaustive):

1. Representation in Civil Cases

2. Representation of Land Disputes

3. Representation on Administrative Disputes

4. Representation on economic disputes

5. Representation of family disputes

Representation in court consists of a compilation of the statement of claim (making the claim), representation in court (making an appeal or preparing Appeal), representation in the appellate court.

Also, law firm, "Miranda" provides legal services for client’s representation in the executive service for the execution of court decisions, which include written statements in the executive service, filing writs of execution, writing of complaints against the perpetrators, control over the execution of court decisions.

In addition to the above mentioned law firm "Miranda" provides comprehensive legal services to businesses, organizations and institutions, which include legal advice, the analysis of legal documents, drafting legal documents, representation in court.

Professionals (lawyers, advocates) of law firm "Miranda" have a great practical experience in providing legal services to the public and businesses.

Turning to legal services  law firm "Miranda," You get a highly qualified legal assistance to all your questions.

We will be glad to see you among our law firm clients and look forward to a mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.


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