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Performance and recognition of a foreign court (court of a foreign state)

Many companies are faced with a situation where they are in the state, according to the contracts, discussed the dispute in court and in this court ordered, pursuant to which the counterparty has to do the appropriate action.

But the contractor is in the state of Ukraine, and the decision rendered by a foreign court, whether it be Russia, the CIS and other foreign countries.

How to enforce the execution of a foreign judgment to the counterparty in the Ukraine?

First, we must recognize a foreign judgment in the Ukraine, and then later to pay the judgment for enforcement in Ukraine.

Foreign court (court of a foreign state, other competent authorities of foreign countries, which belong to the competence of civil or economic affairs, foreign or international tribunals) are recognized and implemented in Ukraine, if recognition and enforcement of an international treaty, approved by the Ukrainian government or by the principle of reciprocity.

If the recognition and enforcement of a foreign judgment depends on the principle of reciprocity, it is believed that it exists, because it does not prove to the other.

A foreign judgment may be presented for enforcement in Ukraine for three years from the date of gaining legal force, except for the recovery of periodic payments, which may be presented for enforcement throughout the duration of the recovery of the debt maturing in three years .

Legal company "Miranda" provides legal services for the recognition of foreign court decisions in Ukraine and execution of foreign court decisions in Ukraine.

Lawyers provide legal services to represent the interests of Ukraine in the courts for the recognition of a foreign judgment, in addition to our law firm lawyers provide legal services for the treatment of a ruling by a foreign court. 

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