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               If you need information to protect your rights, lawyers will be able to obtain information by lawyer.

               ATTORNEY'S REQUEST is a written application by a lawyer to a body of state power, a body of local self-government, their officials and officers, enterprises, institutions and organizations irrespective of the form of ownership and subordination, public associations for providing information, copies of documents, necessary advocates for legal assistance the client.

         The body of state power, the local self-government body, their officials and officers, heads of enterprises, institutions, organizations, and public associations to whom the lawyer's request has been sent must, not later than five working days from the date of receipt of the request to provide the lawyer with the relevant information, copies of documents, in addition to restricted information and copies of documents containing restricted information.

         If the lawyer's request relates to the provision of a significant amount of information or the search for information in a large amount of data, the period for reviewing the lawyer's request may be extended to twenty working days with justification of the reasons for such extension, which the lawyer shall be notified in writing no later than five working days from the day getting a lawyer's request.

       The refusal to provide information to the lawyer's request, the late or incomplete provision of information, or the provision of inaccurate information entails the liability established by law, except for cases of refusal to provide restricted information.

           If you need information, lawyers can get it through a lawyer's request.

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